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Dec 2010 - Exhibition of over 30 artists’ books, Books and Bottles

Jan 2011 - Confluence; smack dab confab by Cinda Kelly, Martha O’Connor, and Colleen Buzzard

March 2011 - Reconfigured - an installation of artist’s books and wet-plate photography by Jenn Libby  


Dec 2011 - Perturbations, an installation by Colleen Buzzard


April 2012 - Schmopposites and Contrafrictionisms by Luke Shaw & Derek Crowe   


2013 - DRK-WH1T3 by Kurt Ketchum  


March 2014 - New Work by Sam Sadtler  


Sept 2015 - Waiting For the World to Change, an exhibit of re-imagined globes, conceived and organized by Nancy Topolski.  Participating artists:  Lucas Crandall and Anna Berman, Joey Hartmann-Dow, Alysia Kaplan, Evelyne Leblanc-Roberge, Mary Rouse, Sarah Rutherford, Dawn Seebrook, Allen Topolski, Nancy Topolski, Clifton Wood & Nuk, Colleen Buzzard 


March 2015 - Jay kelly inspires Boo Poulin and Colleen Buzzard


April 2015 - Monoprints 2013-2015 by Karen Sardisco


June 2015 - Recent monoprints/Encaustic layers by Zerbe Sodervick


Feb 2016 - Little Souls by Mary Rouse   


March 2016 - New Work by Heather Swenson (article)


April 2016 - Collector’s Eye: 6x6 2008-2015 Collections curated by Scott McCarney, Anne Havens, Bleu Cease, Tony Leuzzi, Boo Poulin and Colleen Buzzard from their purchases at the annual 6x6 fundraiser at Rochester Contemporary Art Center


April 2016 - Installation of photographs by Sol J. Park (Rochester Institute of Technology student show)


Summer 2016 - Dfunlife on Display, Photographs by Devin Mack    


Sept 2016 - Recent Doodles by Anne Havens   


Nov 2016 - Recent Work by Amber Odhner


Feb 2017 - Continuation of the Lost and Found by Kathleen Farrell    


April 2017 - dolce far niente, V Jie (University of Rochester Senior Thesis)


May 2017 - to EMBRACE pt 2 by Mamiko Nagasaka (University of Rochester Senior Thesis)   


June 2017 - Coping Mechanisms by Heather Layton and Allen Topolski  


Dec 2017 - Gateway: a series of shamanic shields by Cynthia Nado   

EXHIBITIONS 2010 - 2017

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