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"...If we could visualize a train of thought,

                                     what would it look like?  

            Would it be an orderly pattern,

or a series of tangles?"

Colleen Buzzard has been a practicing artist since 1985. She began in ceramics and moved more exclusively to drawing as the foundation of her work in the 1990’s. She was based in London, England for 14 years where her work was shown at the Whitechapel Art Gallery and other venues.  She lives and works in Rochester, NY.   She has enjoyed opportunities to create installation environments in solo shows as well as participate in the dialogue of group shows. Her work has been featured as covers for Nature and other science journals and poetry publications. Her work is included in the collections of the RIT Wallace Library Special Collection and the King St. Stephen Museum in Hungary, as well as private collections in England, Germany and the USA.

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